Bob's Resort


Bob Smith loved this place. Back in the day – 1960 to be exact – it all started with a simple convenience store. It was nothing fancy. People came for the basics of general merchandise, groceries and gas.

Not long after that, word got out about how good the fishing was in the area. As more and more people traveled here to fish, Bob started selling bait. Then to satisfy fishermen’s need for a place to stay, Bob’s Resort’s first motel opened in 1964.

As the motel business continued to grow, Bob and his wife Norma, came up with a plan to keep guests fed. So along came Bob’s Steakhouse, which has since been expanded due to enormous popularity.

In1995, Highway 212 was re-routed and the need for relocation was apparent. So in 1998, the resort moved to the spot where it is today.

After Bob’s passing in 2005, three of Bob’s sons, Bobby, Frank, and Jim fully took over the resort and have since expanded and built the place into what it is today.

Yes, Bob Smith loved this place. So will you.


29336 US Highway 212
Gettysburg, SD 57442