Making "REEL" Memories on Oahe

My name is Cher Daniel and my family includes my husband Shane and my two boys Alec and Quinn. As a true West River person, I grew up camping at Sheridan Lake in the Black Hills. I would have never imagined camping anywhere but the Black Hills, and it almost feels unfaithful to say Lake Oahe has become my family’s new favorite vacation spot.

While we camp mostly in the fall and summer, each time we go I find something else to love. The memories we have made as a family so far, first as shore fisherman and now newbie boaters, cannot be replaced. While my family enjoys the fishing, swimming, tubing, hunting, cannon-balling off the dock and even while we’re catching slimy pike or smelly catfish, I enjoy the beautiful backdrop the area provides for photos and family time. We have encouraged friends to camp with us and it becomes a place they want to return to as well.

Our favorite part? Teaching the boys to enjoy the outdoors, respect nature and participate in activities they can do with family, friends or on their own no matter what age they are. Oh – and a tackle box full of Cheetos, beef jerky and Hershey kisses. Not much more is needed to sustain us!

Things we learned on Lake Oahe: Fishermen Lingo Pandemonium= crazy fishing Ruler of death= the fish ruler used to define a "keeper" Box of doom=the cooler where you keep the keepers Minnow me=mom needs new bait on the hook Fish on=Someone grab the net Don't leave fish to find fish= if the fish are biting... stay there