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South Dakota Welcomes You to the Mighty Missouri River 

Where the buttes meet the bluffs, where prairies mingle with rolling hills, you'll find South Dakota's breathtaking Missouri River. The region boasts some of the nation's most prestigious fishing waters and hunting grounds, spanning from the North Dakota border to Nebraska. Running through reservoirs and impressive dams, small towns rich in history, and the capitol city of Pierre, the Missouri River is the spine of many extraordinary places.

2,250Milesof Shoreline on Lake Oahe

Great Adventures Begin On The River

For families, friends, and solo travelers seeking a vacation without crowds or traffic to take time away from rest and relaxation, this is the perfect place to explore! The Might MO carves its way through the heart of South Dakota's vast plains, creating a gorgeous valley-land which vibrant small-town communities and a vast array of wildlife call home. The great outdoors can be experienced here like few places are - with lots of elbow room and plenty of peaceful surroundings. 

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Our Four Great Lakes and Dams

Along miles upon miles of shoreline, the Missouri River and its four large reservoirs create a land rich in wildlife, beauty, and community. No town or terrain is the same, though life on the Missouri always revolves around the water. Boaters, kayakers, anglers and swimmers enjoy the shores and waves, while hunters, hikers, bikers and campers explore the rugged banks. Our reservoirs are controlled by four hydroelectric dams, the most interesting and impressive manmade structures to be seen in South Dakota.

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From Fields of Sunflowers to Endless Earth and Sky

South Dakota is a large, sprawling state with an incredible span of history and culture of its Native American ancestors and pioneers. Our historic towns have preserved original buildings since the 1880s. Monuments to incredible people and places dot the landscape as well as the streets. Traveling along the Missouri, you can retrace the path of Lewis and Clark, visit cultural museums and interpretive centers full of artifacts and area history, and experience a piece of South Dakota's Wild West and tribal heritage. The whole Missouri River area is also known for its excellent hunting and fishing grounds. Surrounding the running waters are prairies, grasslands, and wetlands, home to big game and fowl of all kinds.