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Fishing Report: October 19, 2022

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Until NEXT Spring!
Thanks to all the dedicated readers of the SD Missouri River Fishing Report! We've loved sharing the latest fishing news with you and seeing your catch of the week. As the fishing season is winding down, this will be our last report for this year. You'll hear from us again once ice fishing begins in winter, then we will start back up in earnest once spring rolls around again. You can still stay in the loop of what's going on in the Missouri River Region by subscribing to our monthly SD Missouri River Tourism Newsletter.

We want to thank our amazing professional guides from up and down the river. Our guides have been instrumental and generous in providing us with accurate information, details, and tips for the use of our weekly dedicated readers. THANK YOU!

See you in April ― and as always stay safe on our beautiful Mighty Missouri River!

All our best,
The SD Missouri River Tourism Team

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Oahe at sunset.

In Pollock and Mobridge, reports for the area have been slow due to lots of wind keeping anglers off the water. However, with water temperatures dropping into the 50s, fish are finally starting to kick into fall mode. Weather permitting, you can catch some really nice fish. Presentation has been using mostly jigs and minnows and jigging raps. Trolling crank baits has also been effective. Depth has started at 10ft all the way up to 30 - 40ft of water, very dependent on the day. 

In north Akaska, there are still some giant fish to be caught. Numbers for walleye are low and tough. However, if you can land one, chances are high you could be looking at a 10lb or larger sized walleye. Depth has been around 35 - 40ft. Best presentation has been jigging and trolling. There are plenty of catfish in the area to stock your freezers with, and there are some good sized eaters too. Depth has been 40 - 60ft using jig and crawler.

In Gettysburg near the Whitlock Bay area, overall fall fishing has been very good and anglers have been pulling out big fish. However, the wind from last week has slowed things down. Right now, shore fishing for salmon has been pretty hot, but expect that to be over shortly in the next two weeks as we're nearing the tail end of salmon fishing. If you're jumping on the opportunity to catch salmon, depth has been 30 - 40ft from shore, or 10 - 12ft of water. Presentation has been solid with action baits like crocodile spoons or using creole. Walleye in the area has been good using jig raps in 34 - 35ft of water from Stone Creek to Sutton Bay. Anglers are expecting the bite to slow even more in the next couple weeks. In other news, pheasant hunters are noting some of the best hunting they've seen.

In the Spring CreekCow Creek areas, the bite remains similar to last week. Anglers who know the lake well have been getting a decent bite. Overall though it's pretty spotty, with a mixed bag of sizes for walleye and smallmouth bass. Average catches are between 14 - 18 inches. Best presentation has been minnow, jigs, and bottom bouncers in 15 - 25ft. Depending on the day, you can start at 10ft.

Boating on Lake Sharpe.

Around Pierre/Fort Pierre, fishing has been fairly decent. The 15-inch slot limit on Lake Sharpe is still making things a bit spotty ― you'll see good numbers of 14-inch fish before you get keepers. Anglers anticipate fish being more catchable with temperatures going down. Around Pierre, depth has been 10ft or less with minnow and pulling plugs, or any minnow combo with bottom bouncer or jig.

Boating on Lake Francis Case.

Near Chamberlain, the area has done okay. Numbers are going up but it's still been harder to find keepers. Small mouth are present while cranking in shallow water. Anglers are using bottom bouncers and minnow. 

On Francis Case in the Platte area, the fishing is getting better all the time now that the fall season is here. There are decent eaters and sizes being caught. Average walleye sizes have been solidly between 15 - 18 inches. Limits are still inconsistently on and off and the bite is tough. Depth is 10 - 18ft.

In Geddes, the bite has changed a lot in the last two weeks. Best bait is minnow with jig in 25 - 32ft of water in the morning hours. You will want to fish the points for large, migrating walleyes. Trolling has been really hot in deeper water 42 - 45ft for larger walleye.

In Lake Andes, Wagner, and Pickstown, anglers are catching a nice fall bite using rapala jigs. Walleye depth has been around 30ft. Available docks are North Point, Pease Creek, and Wetstone. All other docks have been pulled for the season. Additionally for the area, the spring hatch was good and many hunters are noticing that pheasant numbers are up. 

Sailing on Lewis and Clark Lake.

In Yankton, the fishing hasn't changed much from last week's report. Fish are transitioning to deeper water, 30 - 40ft deep. Try the east end of the lake and focus on the river channel break. Now's a good time to upsize your bait as fish metabolism is shifting for colder weather. You can't go wrong with a jig and minnow. Right now there is a lot of smaller fish, but anglers are anticipating a larger fish crowd soon. 

For more information and up-to-the-minute reports on fishing please contact:

Lake Oahe

  • Kemnitz MoRest Motel in Mobridge at 605-845-3668
  • Oahe Wings & Walleyes at 605-230-0280
  • Akaska Bait Shop in Akaska at 605-649-7847
  • Bob’s Resort in Gettysburg at 605-765-2500
  • South Whitlock Resort in Gettysburg at 605-765-9762
  • Oahe Salmon Guide Service at 605-691-9020

Lake Oahe and Lake Sharpe

  • Hutch’s Guide Service at 605-220-2844
  • South Dakota Walleye Charters at 605-366-1875

Lake Francis Case

  • Allen's South Dakota Fishing & Hunting in Chamberlain at 800-435-5591
  • Platte Creek Lodge at 605-941-1679
  • Missouri River Lodge in Geddes at 605-680-3877
  • Circle H Motel at 605-487-7652

Lake Lewis and Clark

  • The Walleye Guys in Yankton 402-499-4936

Remember – this report is a snapshot in time and changes can occur quickly. We suggest you call one of our members listed above – they can be very helpful with what is happening along the river. That way you’ll be assured of a great trip!

Questions about boat ramp access? Check the SD Game, Fish & Parks interactive map. You’ll have to zoom in to the ramp you want to look at, and the information is regularly updated. It’s a great resource!

Help slow the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species! Check out the Game, Fish & Parks web site for detailed info on the regulations. They are very specific so you’ll want to be sure you’ve read the regulations. If you love to fish the Missouri River in South Dakota, please do your part to keep the reservoirs free of aquatic invasive species.

The Missouri River is a fishing and hunting paradise, filled to the brim with extraordinary opportunities to reel in or hunt your limit before the day is done. Come see why hunters and fishers alike cannot stop coming back to take in the sublime conditions along South Dakota’s Missouri River.

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