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About SD Missouri River Tourism

From the northern reaches of Pollock and Mobridge, to the central Pierre and Chamberlain, to the southern tip of the state at Yankton and Vermillion, SD, Missouri River Tourism serves as the epicenter for enriching and promoting communities along the Missouri. From regional and national outreach to supporting local businesses, SD Missouri River Tourism champions growing the base of tourism and commerce throughout the communities in our region.

A Letter From Our Executive Director

Welcome to the Missouri River Region in South Dakota!

You’ve made a fantastic choice coming to the heartland of sprawling prairies and rolling hills. We’re excited to have you! The stunning landscape of the famous Missouri River can be enjoyed from the top of the region all the way down to Lewis & Clark Lake near the Nebraska border. Year-round, the changing landscape and fauna attract visitors from around the globe. Spring brings anglers to fish the river and reservoirs—birders look for bald eagle nests in the giant cottonwood trees along the river banks. The hot, hot summer is the perfect time for sunbathing and water sports. Our large reservoirs have clearer, colder waters than smaller lakes and ponds. In late summer, fields of bright gold sunflowers bloom in the countryside surrounding the river. Fall begins the hunting season. Up and down the river pheasant and deer hunters wade into the brush. Winter is our quiet time of the year; snow and ice reshape the river, providing plenty to do like cross-country skiing, ice fishing, browsing shops, and local art galleries.

Our most popular cities in the region include the South Dakota state capitol: Pierre. Visitors can tour the historical Capitol Building and grounds, Capitol Lake, and numerous memorials. If you’re staying in the bustling city of Chamberlain or driving through on I-90, you can see the remarkable Dignity Statue which represents the rich Native American culture of South Dakota. Find other significant cultural attractions like the Sitting Bull & Sakakawea Monuments in Mobridge, a unique small town off the beaten path known for its love of art and history.

There are several popular road trip routes to take; the Lewis & Clark Trail, a historic highway following the journey of the legendary explorers; the Native American Scenic Byway, which showcases the diverse landscape, tribal history and crosses through tribal lands; and the Oyate Trail of Southern SD, a 288-mile highway system bursting with cultural and historic sites that represents the heritage of both Native Americans and Europeans.

You’ll have no trouble spending a lot of time outdoors here. The entire area offers many places to walk, hike, bike, swim, fish, and hunt along the river and four large reservoirs, or among the scenic hills. We enjoy quite the spread of bird diversity: owls, hawks, bald eagles, geese, and a plethora of other migratory birds visit us constantly throughout the year. Our region is known for its renowned hunting and fishing of big game and pheasant, the much-sought-after walleye, bass, and salmon.

We welcome all guests to visit our website for more information about the Missouri River Region: places to stay, places to eat, things to do, and things to see, our team has all our greatest recommendations over at We also have a weekly fishing report for anglers covering many areas along the Missouri River. Feel free to give us a call at (888) 386-4617. We’d be happy to meet you!

Thanks for visiting the Missouri River Region in South Dakota!

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