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Crow Creek Reservation

Sitting northeast fo Lake Sharpe in the middle of the state, opposite of if the Lower Brule reservation, the area is split into three community districts: Fort Thompson, Big Bend, and Crow Creek.

Spirit of the Circle Monument
Oscar Howe Art Gallery
Buffalo Herd

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(605) 245-2221

PO Box 50 Ft. Thompson, SD 57339-0050

Crow Creek Reservation
Crow Creek Reservation
Crow Creek Reservation


Most tribes hold annual wacipis to celebrate culture, family, history, and values. Wacipi trasnslates to "Powwow".

Visitor Etiquette Guide

The ancestors of today's tribes left many atrifacts and ruins behind. Resist the impluse to pick up ancient souvenirs. Native American remains and artifacts are protected federally.

Watch a Visitor Etiquette Video to learn more.

South Dakota Native Tourism Alliance

The South Dakota Native Tourism Alliance (SDNTA) is an ad hoc network of 60 representatives from the nine federally recognized tribal nations in South Dakota, industry leaders, and local, state, and federal partners, working together to develop Native American tourism as a catalyst for economic growth.

For Tribal Nations, tourism offers the potential to alleviate poverty, the incentive to conserve their heritage and the opportunity to share their own stories on their own terms.

For the growing number of travelers seeking to connect with cultures and communities, Indigenous tourism offers authentic travel experiences—and memories that can last a lifetime.

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