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Honey Lodge

Our local honey is harvested and processed by Lakota youth entrepreneurs locally on the Rosebud Sioux Tribal Reservation in South Dakota.

You can find more Native American made products HERE at the Honey Lodge online store.



Honey Lodge
Honey Lodge
Honey Lodge
Honey Lodge

Natures honey!

Natural honey is a pure food that never spoils.  Often in commercial operations honey is super heated in order to help prevent crystallization and make it easier to pour into and out of jars or plastic bears.  In the big bottling factories the heated honey becomes very liquid and this helps make ultra-fine filtering happen.  This overly-processed honey is stripped of beneficial pollen, nutrients, and key enzymes which make honey what it normally is…a natural superfood.  We don’t kill or remove those nutrients in the honey.  It’s all there, the way the bees make it.

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