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Town of Pickstown

Built on a plateau overlooking the former site of FORT RANDALL and the scenic Missouri River in 1948 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pickstown was named after the Corps Chief, Lieutenant General Lewis Pick, co-author of the Pick-Sloan Plan. The Town was developed to accommodate the workers who constructed the Fort Randall Dam. It was completed in 1956. The town was the natural classroom for the youngster known to all of us today as Tom Brokaw. After the completion of the Dam, during the cold war era, the town then served as a home to the personnel manning the nearby Air Force radar station. In 1986 the ton was incorporated as an independent community. Located on the historic Lewis and Clark Trail, our quiet little town has many attractions for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts alike. We have several convenience stores,fuel stations, a steak house, credit union, post office, storage facilities, an electrical contractor as well as two RV parks and a nine hole golf course with club house.



Pickstown, South Dakota

Pickstown & Fort Randall Museum

The major exhibit areas are:
The "Fort Randall" which existed  for 36 grueling years-from 1856 to 1892 Recounting of building the Town of Pickstown.
Construction of the Fort Randall Dam with ground breaking in 1946.
History of the school which was attended by over 1600 students from 1947 through 1968 with young Tom Brokaw of NBC being one of them.
Aerial view of Missouri River

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